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Remy Zero

Remy Zero is an Birmingham, Alabama based alternative rock band made up of Cinjun Tate (vocals, guitar), Shelby Tate (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Gregory Slay (drums,perc,keyboards), Cedric Lemoyne (bass, guitars), and Jeffrey Cain (guitar, pianos, sounds). Before recording any full length albums, Radiohead found their demo tape and invited them to be part of the US tour for The Bends. After that, they moved from Birmingham, Alabama to Los Angeles, California to record their first album. Read more on

Remy Zero has 11 songs that have been featured in movies like Crazy/Beautiful, Fanboys, Garden State and Just Married. What is your favorite song by Remy Zero?


Songs from Remy Zero

Fair (1998)
Save Me
Temenos (Here Come The Shakes)
Perfect Memory
Hermes Bird
They Are Hiding