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There are at least two bands by this name. Perfect is a Polish rock band formed in 1977 by Wojciech Morawski, Zdzisław Zawadzki and Zbigniew Hołdys. They released the albums, Perfect, Live, UNU before disbanding in 1983. The group had brief reunions over the years before reuniting in 1993 and going on to release Jestem, Geny, Śmigło, Perfect Symfonicznie and Schody. Perfect is the band formerly known as Bitch Prefect Read more on

Perfect has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Bill, The Final Destination, The Hunting Party and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. What is your favorite song by Perfect?


Songs from Perfect

Something Better
Dream Of Me
Love Him
Heaven's Sake