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Paul Brill

New York City Native Paul Brill first chipped his musical teeth on the icy landscape of Northern Vermont, wood-shedding and 4-tracking while holed-up in a bleak, rustic cabin. After a few light-deprived winters, Brill sold his belongings and fled for sunny western shores, dabbling in brief stints as an herbal smokes salesman, street performer, valet, corporate errand boy, and marine biology instructor before finding sure footing in the sand. After playing the major label cat-and-mouse game with a band in San Francisco Read more on

Paul Brill has 10 songs that have been featured in movies like 2k3 and Way Off Broadway. What is your favorite song by Paul Brill?


Songs from Paul Brill

Paris is On
I Take it Back
And So To Sleep...
Everything I Believe In
Bad Medicine Night
Dry Ice
Basement Song
Start it Again
Blue Blanket

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