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Line up: Beleth - Drums, Keyboard (ex-Annihilatus, ex-Deceiver (Fin), Luciferase, Pilgrims from Tarterus, Vordven, Rilká) Zildja’h - Bass (Barathrum, ex-Funeral Feast (Fin), ex-Shadows of Sunset) Mika Packalen - Session Vocals (Scorngrain, Vordven) Past members: Lord Paimon - Bass (1996) Storm (Tommi Rantanen) - Bass (1996-97) (Adramelech, ex-Forever Winter, Impious Havoc, ex-Uncreation's Dawn, Vordven) Focalor - Lead Guitar (1996-97) Wraith - Guitar (1996-99) Read more on

Nightside was featured in the movie Joutilaat.


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Under A Thousand Stars

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