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Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet is an American stoner metal/stoner rock band. Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey, the group was founded by Dave Wyndorf (vocals and guitar), John McBain (guitar), Tom Diello (drums), and Tim Cronin (vocals and bass). The band first went under the name "Dog of Mystery" and later "Airport 75", before finally settling on "Monster Magnet". In 1989, Monster Magnet released two demo cassettes; "Forget About Life, I'm High on Dope" and "I'm Stoned, What Ya Gonna Do About It?". Read more on

Monster Magnet has 12 songs that have been featured in movies like Boys, Bride of Chucky, Dracula 2000 and Heavy Metal 2000. What is your favorite song by Monster Magnet?


Songs from Monster Magnet

See You in Hell
Heads Explode
Silver Future
Down in the Jungle
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Power Trip
Space Lord (1998)
Master of Light
Crop Circle

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