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There are multiple bands with the name Marquis 1) A dutch black metal band. The solo project of Marquis. signed to underground metal label Affliction Records in 2008. 2)Marquis is a Norwegian rock band, based in Egersund. They recorded their first demo early 2008. Read more on

MARQUIS has 15 songs that have been featured in movies like Runaway Terror and Hardly Beloved (V). What is your favorite song by MARQUIS?


Songs from MARQUIS

The Pain Helps (RUNAWAY TERROR theme)
You're the One (instrumental version)
Can I Have A Kiss?
Born To Die
Live To Create
Creature of Habit
Straw Hill
Our Last Dance
120 Days
Heaven Help Me (I'm Alive)
Know That It's True
Steel Wool and Sinful Dwarfs
Dance of the Blue Dolls
So Much For Paradise