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Kari Tapio

Kari Tapio (born Kari Tapani Jalkanen, November 22, 1945 in Suonenjoki, Finland – December 7, 2010 in Espoo, Finland) was a Finnish schlager-singer. He has been one of the most popular singers in Finland for decades. In the 1960s Kari Tapio performed in his current home city Pieksämäki with the local bands ER-Quartet and Jami & The Noisemakers. In 1966 he got some singing teaching from Ture Ara. After his first single "Tuuli kääntyköön"/"Niskavuoren nuorimmainen" in 1972 Kari Tapio performed in Ilkka "Danny" Lipsanen's show. Read more on

Kari Tapio was featured in the movie H?jyt.


Songs from Kari Tapio

T?? kaipuu
Viimeinen valssi
Myrskyn j?lkeen