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John Leguizamo

Leguizamo was born in Bogotá, Colombia to Alberto and Luz Leguizamo.[1] His paternal grandfather was of Italian and Puerto Rican descent;[2] his maternal grandfather was Lebanese.[3] Leguizamo's father was once an aspiring film director and studied at Cinecittà but eventually dropped out due to lack of finances.[4] When Leguizamo was three years old, his family emigrated to the United States[5] and lived in various neighborhoods of Queens in New York City. Read more on

John Leguizamo has 6 songs that have been featured in movies like Moulin Rouge, The Groomsmen and The Pest. What is your favorite song by John Leguizamo?


Songs from John Leguizamo

Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'em)
My Kinda Lover
The Pest (Voodoo Mambo)