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Jacuzzi Boys

Given their unabashedly lo-fi aesthetic, their predilection for psychedelia, and their old-school pop sensibilities, Jacuzzi Boys sound like direct descendants of 1960s garage rock. Although they might sound like they could've appeared on the original Nuggets compilation, Jacuzzi Boys are most definitely a product of the 21st century; Gabriel Alcala (guitar) and Diego Monasteri (drums) teamed up to form Jacuzzi Boys in Miami, Florida in 2007. Bassist Danny Gonzales was brought on board soon after to round out the group's sound Read more on

Jacuzzi Boys has 2 songs that have been featured in movies like 50/50 and The Age of Reason. What is your favorite song by Jacuzzi Boys?


Songs from Jacuzzi Boys

Bricks Or Coconuts
Island Ave