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Imperio Argentina

Magdalena Nile del Río (December 26, 1906 – August 22, 2003) was a professional singer and movie actress who was better known as Imperio Argentina. Though she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she became a citizen of Spain. Del Río performed in Argentina's theaters, where she had a long and successful career. At that time, her stage name was Pettit Imperio. But her most successful moments came after she moved to Spain. It was there that she changed her name to Imperio Argentina, as a way to honor her "other country". Read more on

Imperio Argentina has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Ama Rosa, Dulces horas and El jard?n de las delicias. What is your favorite song by Imperio Argentina?


Songs from Imperio Argentina

Nana de Ama Rosa
?Hay, Maricruz!