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Harry James

Harry Haag James (March 15, 1916 – July 5, 1983) was a popular United States musician and band leader, and a well known trumpet virtuoso. Harry James was born in Albany, Georgia, the son of a bandleader of a traveling circus. By age 10 he was taking trumpet lessons from his father. His father had him on a very strict practicing schedule every day. He was given one page to learn out of the Arban's book (a trumpet drill book) every day and could not do anything until he learned that page. Read more on

Harry James has 10 songs that have been featured in movies like Flirting, Hannah and Her Sisters, My Dog Skip and Radio Days. What is your favorite song by Harry James?


Songs from Harry James

Sleepy Lagoon
You Made Me Love You (1913)
I've Heard That Song Before (1942)
I'm Beginning to See the Light
The Flight of the Bumblebee (1899-1900)
Two O'Clock Jump (1939)
All or Nothing at All (1940)
Flash (1939)
Music Makers
Flatbush Flanagan