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There are at least 10 artists named Halo. 1) Halo is a solo project of Modern Classical/Ambient music by Italian composer Pasquale Riviezzo, 23 y.o. He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland 2) Two piece sound-excreting entity based in Melbourne, Australia 3) North Carolina emcee HaLo aka Mr. Ben Ready from 9th Wonder‘s It’s A Wonderful World Music Group/Jamla Records 4) Slovenian rock band formed in 1996. 5) British Rock band of the 2000's. Read more on

Halo was featured in the movie Zombie Army.


Songs from Halo

As the Zombies Go Marching Along
Lethal Ladiez
Stinky Loving
Docz Theme
You Zlay Me
From the Hallz of Montezombie