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Great Lake Swimmers

Great Lake Swimmers is a Canadian indie folk band which formed in 2003 in Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada. The band began with Tony Dekker (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Erik Arneson (banjo, guitar, harmonium), Bret Higgens (bass), Julie Fader (keyboards, vocals) and Greg Millson (drums). Julie Fader subsequently left, and Miranda Mulholland, on violin and backing vocals, joined. Fifty-five years ago, Marilyn Bell took a plunge and traversed Lake Ontario. Read more on

Great Lake Swimmers has 3 songs that have been featured in movies like The Cry of the Owl, Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding and The Lifeguard. What is your favorite song by Great Lake Swimmers?


Songs from Great Lake Swimmers

When It Flows
Changing Colors
Various Stages