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GONTITI (or ゴンチチ) is a highly prolific Japanese jazz acoustic guitar duo, consisting of Gonzalez Mikami (ゴンザレス三上) and TiTi Matsumura (チチ松村). The duo formed GONTITI in 1978 in Osaka, Japan and have since released over 30 albums both as a duo and as soloists, over the span of almost 3 decades. GONTITI has also released international editions of a few of their albums in countries outside of Japan, including the United States and Korea. Read more on

Gontiti has 2 songs that have been featured in movies like Sekai no ch?shin de, ai o sakebu and The Nomi Song. What is your favorite song by Gontiti?


Songs from Gontiti

Romeo and Juliet
Coconut Basket

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