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Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon born Francis Thomas Avallone (born 18 September 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) was an American actor, singer and teen idol in the 1950s and early 1960s. By the time he was 12 (1952), Avalon began making appearances on U.S. television for his trumpet prowess, and as a teenager, played with Bobby Rydell in a band known as Rocco and the Saints. In 1959, his songs "Venus" and "Why?" both went to number one on Billboard magazine's Hot 100. Indeed, "Why" was the last #1 hit of the 1950s. Read more on

Frankie Avalon has 17 songs that have been featured in movies like Back to the Beach, Blue Sky, Born on the Fourth of July and Fr?gil. What is your favorite song by Frankie Avalon?


Songs from Frankie Avalon

Don't Stop Now
Come Fly with Me
Gimme Your Love, Yeah Yeah Yeah
Silent Night
I'll Take Sweden
Would Ya Like My Last Name
The Bells Keep Ringin'
There'll Be Rainbows Again
Runnin' Wild
A Girl Needs a Boy (Part 2)
Lots, Lots More
Christmas Medley
If You Don't Think I'm Leaving
Swingin' on a Rainbow