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Force M.D.'s

Force MD's (M.D. being an initialism for "Musical Diversity") was a highly popular hip-hop group of the 80s. They were mainly influential in the street hip-hop scene and were one of the first vocal groups to fuse hip-hop beats with doo-wop-influenced harmonies. They are probably most remembered for their 1986 love song "Tender Love." History The group was formed in 1981 in Staten Island, New York, and were at first known as the L.D.s. They began performing on Greenwich Village street corners and the Staten Island Ferry. Read more on

Force M.D.'s has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like House Party, Krush Groove, Lean on Me and Straight Out of Brooklyn. What is your favorite song by Force M.D.'s?


Songs from Force M.D.'s

Jive Time Sucker
Tender Love
Are You Really Real?
Sweet Dreams

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