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There are multiple artists who operate under the moniker of Exile: #1 A curently 13 member big JPop-boygroup that debuted in the year 2001 under the name of J Soul Brothers. They changed their name in 2003 into EXILE and switched to a label called LDH (Love, Dream, Happiness), wich was founded by former member Hiro (better known as EXILE HIRO). The group originaly consisted out of 5 member. At it's hight the group used to have a total of 15 member (19 when counting the original member that have left the group). Read more on

Exile has 3 songs that have been featured in movies like American Swing, Employee of the Month, Happy Gilmore and Zookeeper. What is your favorite song by Exile?


Songs from Exile

Kiss You All Over
Kiss You All Over (1978)

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