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Cheo Feliciano

Jose Luis Feliciano Vega, better known as Cheo Feliciano (born July 3, 1935 in Ponce, Puerto Rico), is a composer and singer of salsa and bolero music. Feliciano was raised and educated in the city of Ponce, which is located in the southern part of Puerto Rico. As a child, he was nicknamed "Cheo" by his family - a name which means Jose and is a term normally only used by close friends and family. However, the name stuck and became part of his everyday name (using the nickname avoids confusion with Jose Feliciano, another major Puerto Rican singer to Read more on

Cheo Feliciano has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Born Romantic, Fires Within and Something Wild. What is your favorite song by Cheo Feliciano?


Songs from Cheo Feliciano

Oye Como Va
Sal? porque sal?
Si Por Mi Llueve

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