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Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz (born as Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso in La Habana, Cuba on 21 October 1925 – died 16 July 2003) was a Cuban-American and was one of the most successful salsa performers of the 20th century, having earned twenty-three gold albums. She was renowned internationally as the "Queen of Salsa" as well as "La Guarachera de Cuba. In 1950, Cruz made her first major breakthrough, after the lead singer of the La Sonora Matancera, a renowned Cuban orchestra, left the group and Cruz was called to fill in. Read more on

Celia Cruz has 18 songs that have been featured in movies like A Million to Juan, Amores perros, Dirty Cops-Ta Batsonia: The Vengeance (V) and Dirty Cops: Ta Batsonia: A Greek Novel About Crisis (V). What is your favorite song by Celia Cruz?


Songs from Celia Cruz

La vida es un carnaval
La Vida es un Carnaval (1998)
Quimbara (1978)
La Negra Tiene Tumbao (Remix)
Te Busco (1993)
Que Le Den Candela
Toro Mata
Ochun Con Chango
Melao De Cana
La Dicha Mia
Cruz de navajas
Cao Cao Mani Picao