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Buddy Stuart

Buddy Stewart (né Albert James Byrne, Jr; 1922 in Derry, New Hampshire — 1 February 1950 Deming, New Mexico) was an American jazz singer. His adopted stage surname is standardized in most biographies, including The Jazz Discography, as "Stewart;" but it was sometimes also spelled "Stuart." Stewart's parents were dancers, so he entered at the age of eight years in vaudeville and sang in a number of groups. As a member of The 1940s vocal group The Snowflakes, he sang with the Claude Thornhill orchestra. Read more on

Buddy Stuart has 11 songs that have been featured in movies like Fido, Gettin' It, The Big White and The Hills Have Eyes. What is your favorite song by Buddy Stuart?


Songs from Buddy Stuart

Hold Me Love Me
Sunshine On Me
Ninety Nine Pounds Of Dynamite
In the Valley of the Sun
99 Pounds Of Dynamite
He'll Pick Up the Pieces
My Lonely Heart
I'm So Attracted to You
Ask the Robin
Roll Em Dice

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