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Bow Wow Wow

"Bow Wow Wow" was a 80s new wave band, organized by the Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren in 1980, whose music is described as having an "African-derived drum sound". McLaren persuaded guitarist Matthew Ashman, bassist Leigh Gorman and percussionist Dave Barbarossa of the original lineup of Adam and the Ants to leave Adam Ant and form a new group, fronted by teen singer Annabella Lwin. McLaren was also going to use Boy George (later of Culture Club fame) as a second lead singer, but he was deemed to be "too wild" for the band. Read more on

Bow Wow Wow has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like 200 Cigarettes, Bio-Dome, Blank Check and Heavy Weights. What is your favorite song by Bow Wow Wow?


Songs from Bow Wow Wow

I Want Candy
Fools Rush In
C30 C60 C90 GO!
Go Wild in the Country