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Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian is a band from Glasgow, Scotland. Led by guitarist/vocalist Stuart Murdoch, the seven-piece band has an intimate, majestic sound that is equal parts folk-rock and '60s pop. Murdoch has a gift for not only whimsy and surrealism, but also for odd, unsettling lyrical detail which keeps the songs grounded in a tangible reality. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Belle and Sebastian released their first two albums in 1996 at the peak of the chamber pop movement. Read more on

Belle & Sebastian has 21 songs that have been featured in movies like (500) Days of Summer, Coachella, In Memory of My Father and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. What is your favorite song by Belle & Sebastian?


Songs from Belle & Sebastian

Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying
Women's Realm
Seymour Stein
Sleep Around the Clock
The Fox in the Snow
If You're Feeling Sinister
Judy and Her Dream of Horses
Piazza, New York Catcher (2003)
Expectations (1996)
Waiting for the Moon to Rise
The Stars of Track and Field
The State I Am In
I Don't Want To Play Football
Scooby Driver
If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
I Don't Love Anyone (1993-6)
If She Wants Me
The Party Line
There's Too Much Love

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