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Apollo 440

Apollo 440 (alternately known as Apollo Four Forty or @440) is an English band formed in 1990 in Liverpool, UK by brothers Trevor Gray and Howard Gray with fellow Liverpudlians Noko and James Gardner, although Gardner left after the recording of the first album. All members sing and add a profusion of samples, electronics, and computer-based sounds. The name comes from the Greek god Apollo and the frequency of concert pitch — the A note at 440 Hz, often denoted as "A440", and the Sequential Circuits sampler/sequencer, the Studio 440. Read more on

Apollo 440 has 16 songs that have been featured in movies like Bedazzled, Blue Juice, Body Shots and Boys and Girls. What is your favorite song by Apollo 440?


Songs from Apollo 440

Stop the Rock (Mint Royale Mix)
I Need Something Stronger
Altamont Super-Highway Revisited
Stop The Rock
Charlie's Angels 2000
Stadium Parking Lot
Make My Dreams Come True
Stop the Rock
Lost In Space (Theme)
Will & Penny's Theme
Wall of Death
Liquid Cool
Time Is Running Out
Carrera Rapido
Dude Descending a Staircase

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