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We Were Pirates

We Were Pirates is the musical brainchild of Mike Boggs, a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records songs in his home studio in the DC area. To date, Boggs has released three We Were Pirates albums and a film score for ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ in 2013. ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ is a documentary film about the impact of the comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes. We Were Pirates’ original score includes fourteen instrumental songs that range from jangly, upbeat pop, to darker, more introspective tracks. Read more on

We Were Pirates has 18 songs that have been featured in movies like Dear Mr. Watterson and Rapture-Palooza. What is your favorite song by We Were Pirates?


Songs from We Were Pirates

Sunday Paper
The Three of Us
A Boy & His Tiger
A Bit of a Troublemaker
Chagrin Falls
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
The Recluse
A Strange Experience
The Cheapening
A Shot Across the Bow
Don't Forget
Into Thin Air
A Clean Start
Kill Me (Part Three)
A Bit of a Troublemaker (Alternate Version)
Settle Down

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