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Liam Hayes

Liam Hayes is a songwriter and performer from Chicago. He debuted under the moniker Plush with the single Three-Quarters Blind Eye in 1994. His debut album More You Becomes You was released 1998 followed by Fed in 2002. The next album Bright Penny was released in 2009 as Liam Hayes & Plush. A movie soundtrack and three albums have been released under his real name: A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III (Music From The Motion Picture) (2013), Korp Sole Roller (2014) , Slurrup (2015) and Mirage Garage (2020). Read more on

Liam Hayes was featured in the movie A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.


Songs from Liam Hayes

Whose Blues
Sound of San Francisco
Born Together
Whose Blues Anyway
White Telescope
We Made It
The Goose Is Out
Look Up, Look Down
So Much Music
Cried A Thousand Times
Rock And Roll
A Glimpse Inside
Brain Doctor
SSBB: Counter SSBB
Charlie and Izzy