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There are eleven bands and one group by the name of Eternity. Argentina (2) USA (2) Spain (1) Finland (1) Italy (1) Norway (1) Greece (1) Germany (1) Slovenia (1) ----- Eternity (이터니티) is a South Korean AI project girl group under AiA and Pulse9 consisting of 11 members: Seoa, Sujin, Minji, Jaein, Hyejin, Dain, Chorong, Jiwoo, Yeoreum, Sarang and Yejin. They debuted on March 22, 2021 with the single I’m Real. --------- Eternity(Deu) originally formed in 1994. Read more on

Eternity was featured in the movie Eternity: The Movie.


Songs from Eternity

Make Love, not Just Sex
Don't Let Go (I'm Begging You Please)
Eternity: The Theme Song
Sambuca and Cider

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