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Water Wings (2009)

An optically-printed canvas which explores the interior feel of world moving with inherent fluidity through a medium of wind and water. It presents an impressionistic portrait of unnatural forces that collide.

The movie Water Wings, released in 2009, features 18 songs from artists like The Upsdiedown, Hypatia Lake, The Upsidedown and The Hazelwood Motel. What is your favorite song from Water Wings?


Songs from Water Wings

Sacred Call
The Upsdiedown
I'd Rather Be Lonely
As The Hour Glass Empties
Hypatia Lake
Umbrella (Laura Palmer)
The Upsidedown
Are You Trying To Get Away
The Hazelwood Motel
The Bella Low
Open e
Pete International Airport
In Pure Light
Benjamin Starshine
Imagined Places
The Hazelwood Motel
The Ghost Orchid
Lovely Weather
Bleed Him Out
Logan Lynn
If You Don't Like It (Get The Fuck Out)
The Way In
The Upsidedown
She Touched The Sky
The Asteroid #4
Chinese Letter (Ulrich Schauss Mix)
Human Destination
The Upsidedown

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