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Vortex (2008)

A film noirish atmosphere is created to show detective Lunch (a popular underground musician and poet) plow her way through the plans of a corporate businessman who seeks government defense contracts through real "corporate wars" and the manipulation of politicians.

The movie Vortex, released in 2008, features 8 songs from artists like The Sin Men, Snooze and the Colossal Yes, Chow Nasty and Dan Kelly. What is your favorite song from Vortex?


Songs from Vortex

Entr'act No. 1
Stare Into the Rays
The Sin Men
Immortality Headband
Snooze and the Colossal Yes
Suit With Feathers
Snooze and the Colossal Yes
Honey Creeper Smile
Snooze and the Colossal Yes
Chow Nasty
Dan Kelly
Bummer of Love
The Eureka Garbage Company

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