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Virtuosity (1995)

The Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre (LETAC) has developed SID version 6.7: a Sadistic, Intelligent, and Dangerous virtual reality entity which is synthesized from the personalities of more than 150 serial killers, and only one man can stop him.

The movie Virtuosity, released in 1995, features 17 songs from artists like The Bee Gees, Tricky, Black Grape and Juno Reactor. What is your favorite song from Virtuosity?


Songs from Virtuosity

Stayin' Alive
The Bee Gees
Abbaon Fat tracks
Underscore contains excerpts based on 'Parker's Theme'
A Big Day In The North
Black Grape
Juno Reactor
I Can't Get No Sleep
India & Masters at Work
Into The Paradise
William Orbit
Build It With Love
Young Boys
Lords of Acid
Fallen Angel
Traci Lords
No Talking Just Head
Hu Hu Hu
The Loyaliser
Fatima Mansions
White Discussion
Two Into One
Party Man
The Worldbeaters & Peter Gabriel

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