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Twogether (1994)

An artist and an environmentalist go through an up and down relationship over the years. They get married in an early fling, she gets pregnant as they celebrate their divorce together, they deal with his nude artwork and her tempermental situation as they learn about her strict upbringing and her fear of commitment based on her father's unflinching attitudes.

The movie Twogether, released in 1994, features 10 songs from artists like Duran Duran, Primal Scream, Tim Horrigan and Camouflage. What is your favorite song from Twogether?


Songs from Twogether

Duran Duran
Come Together
Primal Scream
It All Falls Down
Tim Horrigan
One Fine Day
The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Love Is A Shield
Hard Feelings
Bob Kulick & Paul Rafferty
Kiss The Ground She Walks On
Ivory Tower
Your Heart Knows The Truth (Transitions)
Tim Horrigan
So Long
Pat Benatar

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