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Try Seventeen (2002)

Teenager Jones has opted not to go to college and is instead renting a room in a boarding house to work on his writing skills. Soon, Jones finds himself dividing his time between two women: a young actress named Lisa and a photographer named Jane. After Jane's ex-boyfriend arrives to help her recover from a car accident, Jones begins to understand just how much he cares for her.

The movie Try Seventeen, released in 2002, features 29 songs from artists like Mher Filian (as Mher), Iffy, Ruskabank and James Gilstrap. What is your favorite song from Try Seventeen?


Songs from Try Seventeen

St. Louis Blues
Lost and Found
Alley Cat
My Dog Blue
From The Heavens
Any Minute Now
Ride My Train
Mher Filian (as Mher)
Double Dutch
Cheer Up
Hootchie Cootchie Dance
James Gilstrap
Movie Star
The Jersey Doo Wop Ensemble
You Gotta Decide
Donna Darlington
Penthouse For Two
Sofas & Lawns
Girl With The Clouds
Ticking Away
Heartbroken Fool
Mher Filian (as Mher)
Her & Dad
El Destroyo
The Subject of Some Regret
? Dia
Heartbreak June
Ralph's Town
Not What I Wanted
Bonnie & Clyde
Close Your Eyes Maggie Cassidy
His Day
Code Name: Rocky
Forest For The Trees
Hula Balu

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