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Trust Me (2009)

Trust Me follows flailing Hollywood agent Howard, who seemingly strikes gold after signing the next big child star. What results is an unexpected ride through the nasty inner workings of Hollywood, as Howard desperately tries to make it in an industry that has no interest in recognizing his bumbling but ultimately genuine nature.

The movie Trust Me, released in 2009, features 6 songs from artists like Jean Picard-Ami. What is your favorite song from Trust Me?


Songs from Trust Me

Le Sacre Du Printemps Part 1: 'The Adoration Of The Earth, Dances Of The Young Girls'
Soulful Strut
Le Sacre Du Printemps Part 2: 'The Sacrifice, Glorification Of The Chosen Victim'
Quello che sono
Part I. 'Exaudi orationem meam'
Petals in the Wind
Jean Picard-Ami

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