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Tribulation (2000)

Tom Canboro is a police detective with a Christian sister, Eileen, a brother, Calvin, a wife, Susan, and eccentric brother-in-law, Jason. One night, Jason seemingly goes insane and tries to kill Eileen, calling her a "hater". Tom soon realises this may be a conspiracy going as far as devil worship, but as he speeds in his car to get help, he suddenly looses control and crashes. Waking up in a strange hospital, he finds years have passed and people all over the world are wearing the mark of 666 on their right hands, and all those who don't are being killed off. Franco Macalusso, the believer in world peace Jason was fond of, now controls the world, and is trying to bring the world together as it was at the tower of Babel. Meanwhile, the "Haters" or Christians are hiding out and airing TBN tapes on the air for people to realise the Messiah is really the Antichrist, but their leader, Helen Hannah, is arrested... Written by The Extra in the Background

The movie Tribulation, released in 2000, features 12 songs from artists like Scott Faircloff, John Elefante, The Darins and Stereo Deluxx. What is your favorite song from Tribulation?


Songs from Tribulation

Hearts Of Passion
Scott Faircloff
If You Just Believe
John Elefante
I Believe
The Darins
So Clearly
Stereo Deluxx
Everlasting Place
Nikki Leonti
Jason's Turn
You Are My Son
Scarecrow and Tinmen
You're Able
Vestal Goodman & Friends
The Church
Kingdom Coming
Antennae's Wife
Aaron Sprinkle
Not With A Bang
The Frantics

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