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Tre uomini e una gamba (1997)

Three friends - Aldo, Giovanni, and Giacomo - have to travel from Milan to Gallipoli, in Apulia, for Giacomo's wedding. The bride's father, who is Aldo and Giovanni's employer and father-in-law as well, is a rich and vulgar businessman who mistreats his sons-in-law and has given them the task of bringing him a wooden leg, the work of a famous artist.

The movie Tre uomini e una gamba, released in 1997, features 6 songs from artists like Paul Turner and Alfio Vitanza. What is your favorite song from Tre uomini e una gamba?


Songs from Tre uomini e una gamba

Luci a San Siro
Stile libero
Vesti la giubba
Paul Turner
Ho imparato a sognare
Che coss'? l'amor
Anima mia
Alfio Vitanza

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