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The Tenants (2005)

Based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize-Winning author Bernard Malamud, The Tenants is a socio-political piece set in an abandoned New York apartment building in the early 1970s. It is the story of a Jewish novelist, Harry Lesser, struggling to complete his latest work, and his antagonistic relationship with a black writer who moves in down the hall. (Millennium Films)

The movie The Tenants, released in 2005, features 8 songs from artists like Sitting Room Soul, Manicphonic Mobsters and Quartetto Amati. What is your favorite song from The Tenants?


Songs from The Tenants

Save Me
Sitting Room Soul
Pharoah: Can't Take it to the Grave
Manicphonic Mobsters
Hejira Trek (Intro)
Manicphonic Mobsters
Bulu Kobo
Manicphonic Mobsters
Dancing Madness
Manicphonic Mobsters
We're Winning the Fight
Manicphonic Mobsters
Crosswind in the mid
Manicphonic Mobsters
Quartettsatz in C Minor
Quartetto Amati

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