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The Telling (2009)

In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus. For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know. Containing three distinct stories - one featuring a murderous doll, one a has-been actress and her run in with a film crew of the undead and, finally, a hunt-and-kill fright-fest.

The movie The Telling, released in 2009, features 8 songs from artists like Machines Wielding Weapons, Miss Li, Story One and The Red Paintings. What is your favorite song from The Telling?


Songs from The Telling

Go Home Girl
Machines Wielding Weapons
Backstabber Lady
Miss Li
Russian Dolls
Story One
You're Not One Of Them
The Red Paintings
Let Me See Your Underwear
When The Other Is Dead

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