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The Reaping (2007)

Katherine Morrissey, a former Christian missionary, lost her faith after the tragic deaths of her family. Now she applies her expertise to debunking religious phenomena. When a series of biblical plagues overrun a small town, Katherine arrives to prove that a supernatural force is not behind the occurrences, but soon finds that science cannot explain what is happening. Instead, she must regain her faith to combat the evil that waits in a Louisiana swamp.

The movie The Reaping, released in 2007, features 5 songs from artists like Yellowman, James Brown, R.L. Burnside and Sippie Wallace. What is your favorite song from The Reaping?


Songs from The Reaping

Body Move
Tell Me What I Did Wrong
James Brown
Poor Black Mattie
R.L. Burnside
Have You Ever Been Down
Sippie Wallace
Take Me to the Water
Nina Simone

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