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The Power of Two (2011)

Max & Paddy's Power Of Two takes burning calories to a new surreal level with the motor home enthusiasts doing the workout. This DVD masterpiece features completely new Peter Kay comedy that has never been seen anywhere before, and it's the only way to flex and laugh your way to a leaner, fitter you!

The movie The Power of Two, released in 2011, features 17 songs from artists like Mindy Gledhill, Gus Black, Tim Easton and Riverside City College "Marching Tigers". What is your favorite song from The Power of Two?


Songs from The Power of Two

Mindy Gledhill
The Afterlife
Gus Black
Baby Come Home
Tim Easton
Riverside City College "Marching Tigers"
Feel It Coming
Sara Melson
Free To Be Me
Haroula Rose
Glass Off
Bangkok Starters
Happy Endings
Sara Melson
The New World
Haroula Rose
Shape Of A Pocket
Juliette Commagere
They're Watching
Gram Rabbit
The Two Of Us
Tim Easton
Until It Kills You
Tim Easton
What I do It For
Juliette Commagere
Your Radio

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