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The Matthew Shepard Story (2002)

In a senseless act of hatred, openly gay college student Matthew Shepard was murdered in 1998. This critically-acclaimed, moving film recounts the final days of Matthew's killers' trial—and the weeks leading to Matthew's death—with unnerving detail. Stockard Channing delivers an unforgettable, Emmy® Award-winning performance as Matthew's grieving mother, Judy, in a story of a murder that moved a nation to action. Also starring Law & Order's Sam Waterston.

The movie The Matthew Shepard Story, released in 2002, features 13 songs from artists like Fathead, Twigg, Electrostatic and Billy Livesay. What is your favorite song from The Matthew Shepard Story?


Songs from The Matthew Shepard Story

Matthew Songs
El Burkan
I Keep Holdin' On
Lonesome World
Good Vibration
Naked in The Water
I Want You To Fall
Get You Some
Edge Of A Dream
Billy Livesay
Who'll Hold On
American Triangle
Elton John
What Matters

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