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The Lollipop Generation (2008)

The Lollipop Generation tells the story of 'Georgie', a runaway teenager played by Jena von Brücker, and the people she meets on the "...outlying streets with no name..." At the same time, the film serves a diaristic function, documenting the people the director has met and the cities she travelled to, capturing an entire generation of underground performers.

The movie The Lollipop Generation, released in 2008, features 6 songs from artists like The Hidden Cameras, Mariae Nascenti, Jane Danger and Anonymous Boy and the Abominations. What is your favorite song from The Lollipop Generation?


Songs from The Lollipop Generation

The Hidden Cameras
A Lollipop To Cure My Nephophobia
Mariae Nascenti
2% Angel
Jane Danger
Lollipop Generation
Anonymous Boy and the Abominations
Lollies On The Move
Swishin Duds
Bunny and the Lakers

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