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The Hidden (1987)

An alien is on the run in America. To get his kicks, it kills anything that gets in its way, and uses the body as a new hiding place. This alien has a goal in life; power. Hotly pursued by another alien (who's borrowed the body of a dead FBI agent), lots of innocent people die in the chase.

The movie The Hidden, released in 1987, features 14 songs from artists like Concrete Blonde, The Truth, The Lords of the New Church and Hunters & Collectors. What is your favorite song from The Hidden?


Songs from The Hidden

Still in Hollywood
Concrete Blonde
The Truth
Black Girl White Girl
The Lords of the New Church
Is There Anybody In There?
Hunters & Collectors
Say Good Bye
Hunters & Collectors
On Your Feet
Shok Paris
Going Down Fighting
Shok Paris
Weapons of Love
The Truth
Your Haunted Head
Concrete Blonde
While the Going's Good
Twin Set & The Pearl
You Make Me Feel So Young
Bruno Gumbotz
Out of Control (In My Car)
Bad Girl
Mendy Lee
Over Your Shoulder
Concrete Blonde

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