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The Final Winter (2007)

Rugby league is arguably the toughest form of football on the planet played by men that play the game hard & lived even harder. Set in Sydney in the 1980s the movie is a drama about the effects upon the players, supporters and the game itself as the sport grows from being the semi-pro suburban game it's been for nearly 100 years into a fully professional international sport. Superbly written and acted by Matt Nable, a former football player along with other former players mixed in with some internationally recognised actors, the story is a realistic snapshot into the lives of people for whom the game is a weekend escape from their otherwise ordinary lives. That's all about to change as big business realises the potential the game holds leaving those clinging to the old ways in their wake.

The movie The Final Winter, released in 2007, features 9 songs from artists like The Eurogliders, The Radiators, The Angels and Spy vs Spy. What is your favorite song from The Final Winter?


Songs from The Final Winter

Without You
The Eurogliders
Comin' Home
The Radiators
After the Rain
The Angels
Harry's Reasons
Spy vs Spy
Short Note
I Am an Island
Richard Clapton
Spy vs Spy
Best Years of Our Lives
Slipped Away
Drew McAlister

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