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The Eurovision Song Contest (1992)

Congratulations: 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest was a televised show to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 22 2005. This event is collected on two DVDs, Vol.1 from 1956 - 1980 and Vol. 2 from 1981 - 2005. These songs were performed by a Danish ballet on the stage of the Copenhagen Forum while the original performances were viewed on a screen. More than 40 countries broadcast the event although only 31 members of the EBU voted, through televoting.

The movie The Eurovision Song Contest, released in 1992, features 5 songs from artists like Pave Maijanen and Tony Wegas. What is your favorite song from The Eurovision Song Contest?


Songs from The Eurovision Song Contest

Yamma yamma
Pave Maijanen
Why Me?
Todo esto es la m?sica
Seraf?n Zubiri
One Step Out Of Time
Zusammen geh'n
Tony Wegas

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