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The Dead Next Door (1989)

The government sets up a zombie squad after an epidemic has made the world run rampant with living corpses. The team head off to Ohio to try and find a cure but soon run into a crazy cult of zombie lovers who are set on preserving the walking dead as they believe it's God's will.

The movie The Dead Next Door, released in 1989, features 8 songs from artists like Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol, Willie & The Wagon Wheels, In-Nine and Joy Circuit. What is your favorite song from The Dead Next Door?


Songs from The Dead Next Door

Death & Violence
Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol
I Hate You
Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol
Out On the Road
Willie & The Wagon Wheels
Louisiana Love Purchase
Willie & The Wagon Wheels
A Dangerous Life
Death In My Closet
Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol
The Answer
Joy Circuit
Left For Dead (Instrumental Version)

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