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The Company (2003)

Ensemble drama centered around a group of ballet dancers, with a focus on one young dancer who's poised to become a principal performer.

The movie The Company, released in 2003, features 25 songs from artists like Julee Cruise, Chet Baker, Light Rain and Marvin Laird and Clay Ruede. What is your favorite song from The Company?


Songs from The Company

Auld Lang Syne
The World Spins
Julee Cruise
My Funny Valentine
Chet Baker
Tensile Involvement
Light Rain
Light Rain
Suite Saint-Sa?ns
Budapesti Filharm?niai T?rsas?g Zenekara (as Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra)
My Funny Valentine
Marvin Laird and Clay Ruede
Creative Force
John Zeretzke and M.B. Gordy III
Appalachia Waltz
Suite for Unaccompanied Cello, No. 1, BWV 1007 in G Major, V. Menuett
Yo-Yo Ma
La Vivandi?re pas de six
the Czech National Chamber Orchestra
White Widow
Julee Cruise
The Blue Snake
My Funny Valentine
Elvis Costello
My Funny Valentine
Lee Wiley
My Funny Valentine
Kronos Quartet
Nocturne B-Moll Op. 9, No. 1
Ida Cernecka
Balabille des paysans et des paysannes
Paul Lewis
No Name, No Slogan
Acid Horse
Lowdown Thing or Two
Billy Boy Arnold
Hop, Skip & Dance
Jack Trombey
Something about the Night
Eytan Mirsky
All Good Girls
Die Warsau
Damage Addict
The Damage Manual

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