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Tenshi no kiba (2003)

Ryou Nishimura's 1st feature film. Based on the novel by Arimasa Oosawa. The title roughly means 'Angel's fung: B.T.A.' - Asuka is a young police detective. She is in love with her partner, Furuyoshi. One day, Hatsumi, a mistress of the cruel drug lord Kimikuni, calls police asking for help. Asuka is assigned to escort her. But they are both shot by someone. Hatsumi becomes brain dead. Asuka's body is hopelessly damaged, but her brain remains inrtact. Asuka survives with her brain transplanted to Hatsumi's body. Asuka begins undercover procedure as Hatsumi, to get closer to Kimikuni...

The movie Tenshi no kiba, released in 2003, features 3 songs from artists like t.A.T.u.. What is your favorite song from Tenshi no kiba?


Songs from Tenshi no kiba

The Bridal Chorus
Nas Ne Dagoniat (Not Gonna Get Us)

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