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Summertime Blue (1979)

The life of 15 year old Alex is turned upside down, when his parents are divorced and find new partners right away. After a fight at school, the mother takes him over to England, where Alex chaotic life continues.

The movie Summertime Blue, released in 1979, features 8 songs from artists like Gene Chandler, Erotic Drum Band, Francie Simone and THP Orchestra. What is your favorite song from Summertime Blue?


Songs from Summertime Blue

Get Down
Gene Chandler
Plug Me To Death
Erotic Drum Band
Let Your Body Run (Instrumental)
Francie Simone
Two Hot For Love
THP Orchestra
Carry On, Turn Me On
Space Feat. Madeline Bell
Come Into My Heart / Good Loving
USA European Connection
Keep It Up
There's A Way Into My Heart
USA European Connection

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