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Sugartown: Oi gabroi (2006)

In the Greek village of Sugar Town, men have a serious problem. Women are fleeing the area in search of work or marriage in the big cities, leaving them behind - and lonely. Fully aware of the men’s dire situation, the astute mayor of Sugar Town promises to find them wives in Russia, as part of his re-election campaign. Against the odds and local traditions which frown upon mixed marriages, the bridegrooms from SugarTown set out on a great journey to find their future brides and happiness.

The movie Sugartown: Oi gabroi, released in 2006, features 7 songs from artists like Claudia Schuzeznko, Marina Sapi and Sergios Voudris. What is your favorite song from Sugartown: Oi gabroi?


Songs from Sugartown: Oi gabroi

Little Green Bag
Simij Platochek
Claudia Schuzeznko
Samiy Samiy
Never Win
Sugar Town
Marina Sapi
Nocturne in C Sharp Minor
Sergios Voudris

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