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Steel (1997)

Justice. Safe streets. Payback. Metallurgist John Henry Irons (O'Neal) vows to claim them all when a renegade military reject (Judd Nelson) puts new superweapons in dangerous hands. Helped by an electronics wiz (Annabeth Gish) and an imaginative scrap metal worker (Richard Roundtree), Irons becomes Steel. Wearing body armor, wielding a fearsome electrohammer and riding a gadget-packed motorcycle, he's ready to wage war...if he can fix the untimely glitches in his untested gear. "You all be cool now," the good-guy hero tells two crime victims he rescues. There'll be a lot of thrillin' before Steel himself can start chillin.'

The movie Steel, released in 1997, features 9 songs from artists like Young MC, Shaquille ONeal, Tevin Campbell and Mobb Deep. What is your favorite song from Steel?


Songs from Steel

I Got You (I Feel Good)
Must a Move
Young MC
Bust That Rhythm
Straight Playin'
Shaquille ONeal
No More Fighting
Tevin Campbell
More Trife Life
Mobb Deep
Dark Energy
We've Got Heart
Steel Yourself
Marvin Winans

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