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Solo quiero caminar (2008)

Frantic to be free of Felix, her wealthy but drunken and violent drug-lord husband, Ana (Elena Anaya) tricks her fresh-from-prison sister, Aurora (Ariadna Gil), and two other ex-partners in crime into coming to her aid. Now that their crew is reassembled, the women begin planning a heist that will rid Ana of Felix and net them enough cash to be set for life.

The movie Solo quiero caminar, released in 2008, features 9 songs from artists like Enrique Morente, Manuel Millares, Patti Smith and Los Lobos. What is your favorite song from Solo quiero caminar?


Songs from Solo quiero caminar

S?lo quiero caminar
Paco de Luc?a & Pepe de Luc?a
Buana Buana King Kong
Paco de Luc?a & Pepe de Luc?a
Reloj molesto
Enrique Morente
Caminos de Guanajuato
Oh Pretty Woman
Manuel Millares
Gimme Shelter
Patti Smith
La pistola y el coraz?n
Los Lobos
Alfileres de colores
Miguel Poveda
Enrique Morente

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